Kedma’s Third Annual Kedmatillion

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By Clarice Silber

Kedma will host its third annual Kedmatillion: The Casino and Auction Gala Dec. 7, bringing together the Orthodox and Conservative Jewish communities for a night of casino games, dinner and an auction.

The Kedmatillion gala is one of two major events Kedma puts on during the fall semester.

Kedma is the leading Orthodox Jewish community on the University of Maryland campus. It offers a number of different services, including kosher meals through Hillel, Shabbat services, as well as Jewish-oriented classes.

English major Amanda Schwartz, who is Kedma’s social chair, said this year’s Kedmatillion will run similarly to past years. Students who attend will receive $25,000 in chips for free upon arrival. They will then have the chance to play at black jack and poker tables and win more chips to use at the auction.

“Some [tables] are student dealt and some are professionals, there is no money involved—you are greeted and given a ticket,” Schwartz said.

She added that the social committee is currently working on setting up the prize list for the auction.

“One prize may be a crock pot! Kedma kids love their cholent,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz added that the prizes will be donated from a specific sponsor.

Sophomore accounting major Dara Kramer said she is looking forward to attending the event.

“Even though I haven’t gone before, I’m really excited. It seems like a really great opportunity to meet other people in the Jewish community,” Kramer said.

Talya Lerner, the incoming president of Kedma, said the board is almost done finalizing the details for the Kedmatillion gala. She added that a Facebook group will be created soon, and posters will be placed around Hillel to advertise the event.

“Kedmatillion is one of our biggest events of the year. We usually have around 200 to 300 people. The Kedma board does a lot of planning for the event and it is really nice to see how many people show up to participate,” Lerner said.

Sophomore education major Lauren Mishan said last year’s Kedmatillion was very enjoyable.

“I liked the event a lot because it was almost like leaving campus and going to a casino where everyone was looking swanky. It fun because we got to learn how to play some of the casino games,” Mishan explained.

She also said the event is a great way to relax. “I will attend again this year, it was a fun and [stress free] night,” said Mishan.

Lerner agreed that the atmosphere of the Kedmatillion makes it so fun.

“My favorite part about Kedmatillion is being able to dress up. It’s not every day you get to dress up during the week to play some black jack with your friends. The Social Committee is great at picking out some pretty awesome prizes for those who rack up enough ‘money’,” Lerner said.

Aside from the Kedmatillion, Kedma’s other major event in the fall semester is its annual dodge ball tournament.

“We also run-mini events each semester. Previous events have been having a hypnotist come perform, movie nights with cupcake decorating or a hot drinks bar, and square dancing,” said Schwartz.


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