Can Judaism survive without its religious foundations? (Oct. 1997)

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By Megan Wilson, for the Mitzpeh The American Jewish community can only survive if it returns to its religious roots, a leading public policy expert argued. His opponent at last week’s campus debate countered by crediting secular Jews with sustaining … Continued

Separating the wholewheat bagels from the chaff (Oct. 1997)

By Fritz Hahn, for the Mitzpeh For centuries, man has attempted to find the perfect bagel. The best are airy, crunchy yet tender, while the worst are flat and sodden, toasted cardboard with a lopsided hole. But now the rush … Continued

Can a Jew be for Jesus? (Nov. 1997)

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By Todd Rhoads, for the Mitzpeh   They approach campus students wearing a seemingly irreconcilable contradiction on their sweatshirts, smiling and politely handing out religious pamphlets. Often harassed, they don’t fight back, but turn the other cheek when insulted or … Continued

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