Maryland at the Maccabiah

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By Catherine Sheffo When Maiya Chard-Yaron steps up to the mound, she sees in tunnel vision. She visualizes her technique, focuses of keeping long and loose and decides on where she wants the ball to go just before she sends it … Continued

Students Hitting The Pavement

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By Lauren Shaw “At first, running sucks,” said sophomore civil engineering major Kurt Rubenacker. This sentiment is fairly common within the running community and maybe even more prevalent for those who choose to avoid the sport altogether. But perhaps it … Continued

Exercising Your Right to Workout

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By James Levin The Eppley Recreation Center (ERC) has everything a fitness junkie could ever want in the world.  The nearly $40 million dollar facility boasts over 230,000 square feet of space, every inch of which is filled with the … Continued

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