CTC: campus’ quickest minyan

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By Mollie Higgins For the Mitzpeh @molliehiggins One of the upstairs minyanim at Hillel, better known as CTC, is a place for people to come together on Friday nights specifically attracting those who like to do minimal singing. For Noam … Continued

College Park eruv: a border, a loophole, a necessity for Shabbat

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By Tom Hart Staff writer @Mitzpeh     There is a border surrounding this university’s campus — not maintained by a government, but instead by a group of individuals carrying on an ancient tradition. The College Park eruv encircles the … Continued

Separating the wholewheat bagels from the chaff (Oct. 1997)

By Fritz Hahn, for the Mitzpeh For centuries, man has attempted to find the perfect bagel. The best are airy, crunchy yet tender, while the worst are flat and sodden, toasted cardboard with a lopsided hole. But now the rush … Continued