By Michele Amira, staff writer, @nicejewishswag

Freshman Shira Movsas and junior Jacob Sloyer chilled at Coldstone last month. They discussed Jewish family values over vanilla ice cream and toppings. Photo courtesy of Shira Movsas. Photo illustration by Dovid Fisher.

I scream. You scream. Mitzpeh Matchmaker screams for ice cream.

That’s why this month’s Mitzpeh Matchmaker blind date couple, freshman biology major Shira Movsas and junior marketing and information systems double major Jacob Sloyer, met up at Coldstone Creamery for ice cream.

How important is it to date someone Jewish?

S: I think it is important in order to carry on the heritage and have Jewish children raised in a Jewish household.

J: I think it’s important to date someone Jewish because being Jewish is such a big part of who I am. It would be hard for me to settle down with someone who doesn’t understand such an important part of my identity.

What did you and your date kibbitz (talk) about?

S: Our future together, duh. I mean we are so compatible it’s crazy — how we are not married already? We both want 17 kids and to live on a farm. Coby, or “cobcob” as I call him, is going to be a farmer while I am going to be a doctor. Together we are going to make food for our town in the middle of nowhere and raise nice Jewish children and chicken. We also spoke about our family, aspirations and religion. Our conversation flowed smoothly like the blue river that I saw when I looked into his eyes!

J: Aside from talking about how many amazing kids we could grace this world with, Shira and I talked about one of my best childhood friends who is dating her older sister. We even discussed the possibility of a double wedding.

What did you first think when you saw your date?

S: The first second he walked in all I could think was, “Wow, who is this handsome fella? He is shining up the room. It’s almost like he’s blinding me. Oh, that’s why it must be called a blind date.

J: Well, at first I was really taken aback by how cool and puffy her hat was — and that she could pull off wearing a winter hat indoors. I had met Shira a few times before, but the fact that she immediately asked how many kids I wanted put me totally at ease.

What kind of funky ice cream mix-ins did you and your date get?

S: I got vanilla ice cream with cookie dough, Oreos, fudge and peanut butter in it. I was going to opt to getting it in just a cup, but Coby convinced me to put mine in a cone, and little did I know, but I really enjoyed the cone. What a wise guy, giving me life advice on our first date.

J: Shira chose a premade recipe off the wall and began making bold alterations to it until it didn’t appear as the same recipe. Intrigued by her ice cream-savvy, I opted for the same thing. All I can say is, this girl knows her ice cream!

How would you rate the date on a scale of 1-10, with 10 ranking the highest?

S: 18, because it’s the number of “chai” (Hebrew for “life”), and Coby and I plan to build a great life together.

J: I would give the date a solid 10. I found out that Shira is willing to live on a farm one day (a deal-breaker criteria for me).

Is there another date in the future?

S: Yeah, we’ll have plenty more dates because we are getting married!

J: I think the first date went so well that our next date will be our wedding.


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