On Valentine’s Day Eve, Orrin and Rebecca met in a picturesque Dunkin’ Donuts. Read along to find out if opposites really do attract: 

Shira Kramer 

Staff Writer 


Berkeley and Safra sip beverages on their date in College Park, Md. on Monday, Feb. 13, 2023 (Photo courtesy of Orrin Berkeley)

On Valentine’s Day Eve, Orrin Berkeley, a sophomore animal science major, entered Dunkin’ Donuts. Little did he know that the potential love of his life was already there waiting for him in a bright orange jacket. Rebecca Safra, a freshman marketing major, greeted the animal lover and began their hour-long date. 

After playing some unsuccessful Jewish geography, the pair realized that their parents might have been neighbors back when they both lived in New Jersey. This story has yet to be confirmed.  

While Berkeley lives with his cat Oliver, Safra hates animals. However, in order to preserve her date’s impression of her, Safra omitted this fact during the date. 

Did you have trouble finding each other?

O: No. I think that was on account of the fact that I have a bright green hoodie on. 

R: No, I have a really good eye. I knew that I was looking for a mint green hoodie, and then I found a mint green hoodie.

Did you know each other before?

O: No, I was very confused.

R: I think I recognized him from Hillel, but I didn’t know his name.

What was your first impression?

O: She was a fine person. Nothing specific. I liked her sweater. It was a cool orange sweater. I was excited to order a regular tea drink. 

R: Why is this man putting caramel in his hot tea? 

What does your date’s order say about their personality?

O: The order isn’t that crazy. It’s more the way she ate it. She took off the lid and then proceeded to pick out the ice cubes and eat them first. Then, she drank her latte. That says to me that she’s very strong willed.

R: That he’s creative and ambitious. 

How exciting do you find your date on a scale of football to Rihanna?

O: She was as exciting as the Big Time Rush concert that I didn’t end up going to.

R: *Thinks* Touchdown gritty.

Why did you want to be part of Mitzpeh matchmaker? 

O: I was held hostage by Nira Dayanim. (*Mitzpeh does not condone kidnap or hostage taking)

R: Shira asked me.

Rebecca lives in Siberia (North Campus), and Orrin lives in Terrapin Row. How will you two maintain your relationship despite the extreme long distance?

O: The foreign exchange program is really good here. I think that I could get stationed in Siberia if needed. Since the animal sciences program is there, the connections would fit perfectly.

R: I live right by the farm, and he is an animal science major.

How has this date changed your life?

O: It hasn’t. I think we are both the same people that we came in as. 

R: This date was really important because I realized that I shouldn’t have ordered a small latte. I should’ve ordered a medium latte. I was really tired.

What will you be getting each other for Valentine’s Day?

O: I’ll get her a Maryland basketball jersey because she said she likes basketball. 

R: I’ll get him food from the Y because I know he has trouble making dinner every night in his off campus apartment. 

Do you think you’ll go out again?

O: I think it would be a fun experience to go on another date. There was definitely a spark there. 

R: He’s an animal science major and I don’t really like animals. However, I have a friend who’s an animal science major and I think they’d be perfect for each other.


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