What is Mitzpeh?

Mitzpeh is the news source for the University of Maryland Jewish community. Mitzpeh chronicles events within the community, functions as a forum for members of the Jewish community to voice their opinions, and provides journalists-in-training with writing, editing, and photojournalism experience.

The print edition Mitzpeh ran from September 1983 through November 2015. Mitzpeh continues to publish articles online. Mitzpeh is a subsidiary of Maryland Media, Inc., a nonprofit organization that is independent from the University of Maryland and the Merrill College of Journalism. Mitzpeh’s sister publications include the Diamondback and the Terrapin Yearbook.


How often does Mitzpeh come out?

Mitzpeh publishes new articles at http://www.umdmitzpeh.com multiple times per week.


How can I get involved?

We are always on the lookout for writers! Send an email to themitzpeh@gmail.com if you are interested in writing articles, guest columns, or if you just want to pitch a story. Or, come to our story assignment meetings in S. Campus Dining Hall room 3111A at 6:30 p.m. every other Tuesday (email ahead to confirm).


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