Mitzpeh, the independent student-run publication catering to the University of Maryland’s Jewish community, is looking to fill several positions for the fall semester. Position descriptions and applications are below.

You do NOT have to be Jewish to be on the staff.

All positions will be a great experience for those looking to get involved in on-campus journalism.

Section editor – (Opinion editor and Diversions/Culture editor)

It is the section editor’s responsibility to work with writers to develop stories for their section. 

  • Attends staff meetings and story assignment meetings. Pitches story ideas.
  • Assigns articles to writers and photo assignments to photographers.
  • Ensures that section’s stories and photos are submitted by deadline.
  • Edits articles.
  • Updates the Mitzpeh website with section’s articles.

To apply for a section editor position, send two work samples to and click here.

Engagement editor

It is the engagement editor’s responsibility to manage the Mitzpeh’s social media and brainstorm ways to expand our reach to new audiences. 

  • Attends staff meetings.
  • Contributes to biweekly posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Ensures that the Mitzpeh’s social media accounts are active and growing.

To apply for an engagement editor position, click here.

Copy editor

The copy editor is responsible for quality control. This means not only proofreading every article before it goes to print, but also working with the writers to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their articles before the deadline hits. It is important that writers understand if/why changes are made; copy editors should leave detailed comments whenever possible.

  • Attends staff meetings.
  • Pitches at least 1-2 story ideas per cycle.
  • Edits articles across sections. The copy editor is also responsible for spell checking, fact checking and editing for AP style and grammar.

To apply for a copy editor position, click here.

Staff writer

  • Attends staff meetings and story assignment meetings.
  • Pitches at least 1-2 story ideas to editors per cycle across any section.
  • Writes at least 1 story per cycle (every other week)

To apply for a staff writer position, send two writing samples to and click here.

Feel free to email with any questions!

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