Mitzpeh is the independent student-run newspaper serving the Jewish community at the University of Maryland. We aim to inform the community and maintain a high editorial bar. Any generous contribution will be greatly appreciated help us expand our coverage and work towards multimedia reporting. Your donation will also help us rebuild our website in order to appeal to a more modern audience and grow our readership.

The numerical value of the Hebrew word chai, which means “life,” is 18. Therefore, it is common in the Jewish community to give money in multiples of $18 to signify prosperity and life. We will be grateful for any donation, but recommend contributions in multiples of 18, following at 36, 54, 72 and so on in the spirit of Jewish tradition.

Mitzpeh is an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and any charitable donation made will be fully tax-deductible to individuals or corporations.



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