By Charlie Wright

Shabbos, or Shabbat, is the Jewish day of rest that begins at sundown on Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday. Keeping Shabbos involves avoiding everyday work and partaking in activities that honor God’s day of rest after creating the world.

“It’s a really great experience, you’re just cut off from everything and can really be with friends and family,”said Tamara Bermen, a sophomore civil engineering student.


“I’m more culturally Jewish than religiously Jewish,” said Rae Herman, a freshman psychology major who does not keep Shabbos.


“I wasn’t grown up like that…I wasn’t [raised] keeping the Sabbath,” said Marshall Noye, a freshman architecture major.


“My dad was Christian and my mom was Jewish, so when I was little I went to synagogue and church…but my family doesn’t really do anything,” said Jason Hipkins, a freshman astronomy and physics major.


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