By Haleigh Whisted
For the Mitzpeh

This university is home to Rhode Island native Tzvi Hersch Glazer, a junior government and politics and sociology major who enjoys not only hanging out with friends but also contributing his time and skills to others.  

Dana Rodriguez said Glazer has made a difference in students’ lives with a “passion for the organization” he works for – the Residence Hall Association. He was recently appointed vice president and will start May 2.

Glazer first became interested in joining the RHA during his freshman year, when his resident assistant suggested he apply. After being accepted, he serves his school through dedication to creating a better living environment.

On the RHA sustainability committee, Glazer fought to expand the use of composting throughout campus. Later, his duties included acting as an election chair and suggesting school improvements. During this past school year, he has attempted to garner support to build more parking lots, and advocated for free metro passes for all on-campus residents.

While busy making our lives easier, Glazer, who identifies as an Orthodox Jew, still finds the time to practice his religion and serve the Jewish community. He attends the CTC Minyan, a non-singing Orthodox Friday night service, and Chabad and is a part of Kedma. Glazer also has helped out by participating in Chabad services when needed for a minyan.  Involvement in the Jewish community also helps shape his values in the RHA.

Glazer checking people in at last year’s RHA Welcome Reception. Photo courtesy Tzvi Glazer.
Glazer checking people in at last year’s RHA Welcome Reception. Photo courtesy Tzvi Glazer.

“It has allowed me to bring a different perspective to the organization and has made what we do more personal to me because I know more people around this area,” Glazer said.

Tzvi loves the policy aspect of the organization. He feels grateful when he thinks of how he can work with various departments to make great impacts on the campus environment and prepare for his future of policy-making. Glazer also enjoys that the organization allows him to keep busy outside of academia, and that he can integrate his passions with similar people and watch others grow as leaders.

Sasha Galbreath, a senior government and politics major and former vice president who appointed Glazer, said choosing him was “the easiest decision I have ever had to make.” What stood out to Galbreath the most were Glazer’s qualifications and strong drive for this particular kind of work. She also described him as tenacious, motivated to serve others, and unequivocally respected.

Rodriguez, the junior finance and government and politics major, was recently appointed president of the RHA and has worked alongside Glazer since his freshman year. She believes he is goal-oriented, supportive and has cultivated a real desire to create more impact on campus.

Glazer has multiple goals in mind for his future position. Increasing advocacy efforts, creating better dialogue and connection between senators and community members, and keeping the trend of unification are just a few.

Glazer feels he could not have asked for a better opportunity to help his fellow students.

“As a whole, this means to me that I have had the ability to influence people’s experiences with the school,” Glazer said. “I also appreciate the fact that the RHA members think that I am someone who can lead them well and someone they can trust to do some good in the community.”


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