By Jessica Herman

There is no denying that Americans are obsessed with social media. From Twitter to Facebook, and YouTube to Instagram, we are constantly engrossed in the latest media trends. Today, there seems to be a blog for everything, including Judaism.

There are a variety of social media outlets pertaining to Jewish culture and lifestyle. These sites are filled with content both humorous and informative.

University of Maryland students have an eclectic mix of Jewish social media forums they love to follow. Some of the most popular Jewish media can be found on Twitter.

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“I’m obsessed with @JewBoyProblems,” Casey Rosen, senior marketing major said. “I’ve been following him for years, he always has the funniest tweets. His Jewish humor is on point.”

With over 22,000 followers, “JewishBoy Problems” is just one of the many Twitter accounts that is solely based on Jewish humor.

Sydney Liss, a senior marketing major agreed, “I think social media can be hilarious, but only when there is truth behind it. Twitter accounts like Jewish Boy Problems and Jewish Girl Problems are funny to me because everything the users tweet holds truth. Whether they’re talking about the high holidays or just things like keeping kosher, me and my friends can relate to these tweets and that’s why they’re so hilarious.”

Another student, junior business major Carley Sinert, follows the Twitter handle @JewAmerPrincess, that pokes fun at Jewish “daddy’s girls.” Both the Twitter and Facebook picture include an image of a chai that reads “chai maintenance,” to add to the satire.

For those more interested in information, JTA News is a global news service for the Jewish community, which actively tweets and updates according to Jewish happenings around the world.

There are countless twitter accounts that pertain to Jewish humor but many students are also into blogs and websites.

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Lauren Loeb, a senior communications major, said she and her friends often browse the site, a social media website dedicated to celebrating Jewish life.

“This website is fun because you get to see who’s getting engaged, who’s getting married and who’s having kids in the Jewish community,” Loeb said. “People post pictures and whatever and you can congratulate them. It’s really cute.”

Onlysimchas recently launched an iPhone application that allows users to browse different content from the website on their phones.

Many students reported that sites like Facebook and Buzzfeed have been key players in their quest for Jewish social media. Although these aren’t specifically Jewish sites, they allow popular YouTube videos and Vines to circulate around campus.

Most recently, Zenn Comedy released a trailer on YouTube two days before Yom Kippur entitled “The Jewish Hunger Games: Kvetching Fire.” The video parodied the popular movie and book series, The Hunger Games, introducing a fake sequel based on Jewish practices during the High Holidays. The comedic trailer quickly became a trending topic on all social media platforms.

Jonny Polster, a senior finance major and brother of Alpha Epsilon Pi, UMD’s Jewish fraternity, said a brother in his fraternity sent the video over their list serve. “It was actually pretty funny, I’d be down for a movie.”

There are plenty of media outlets to keep young Jewish adults entertained. Social media is everywhere and it’s time we start appreciating all it has to offer.


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