By Mike Siegel 

More than 400 students will be the first ever to call Prince Frederick Hall their home next year.

After almost two years of construction, Prince Frederick Hall on South Campus will open in the fall 2014 semester, according to the University of Maryland’s Department of Resident Life.

James Levin/The Mitzpeh
James Levin/The Mitzpeh

“[It will have] 462 new bed spaces in a combination of styles with both traditional halls and semi-suite rooms on each floor,” said Scott Young, the assistant director of resident life for Administrative Business Services. Prince Frederick is set to house students in the Honors College’s ACES Cybersecurity Program and another living-and-learning program, Young said.

One of the benefits of living in Prince Frederick next year is its proximity to Hillel; and while Resident Life does not plan on holding out rooms for Jewish students who wish to be close to Hillel, members of the Jewish student body at Maryland who request it could still get remaining spaces, Young said.

“I am planning on living [in Prince Frederick] in a suite with a few of my friends next year,” said Rebecca Hefter, a freshman, early childhood education major. “I love that it’s so close to Hillel, but also right near McKeldin and the mall.” Hefter eats at Hillel for dinner every night and for every Shabbat and would greatly benefit from living in the residence hall next year.

“I’ve heard that it’s supposed to be like the ‘Oakland of South Campus,” said Hefter.

Even with its brand new amenities and ideal location for Jewish students on campus who attend Hillel frequently, Prince Frederick Hall does not appeal to all students.

“It looks beautiful and is in a great location,” said Yael Lehmann, a sophomore letters and science major. “But I will not be trying to live there because I will be living in [South Campus] Commons.” Lehmann said Prince Frederick might be the right fit for her if it had kitchens.

Other students like freshman neurobiology and physiology major Rachel Zemel have no interest in living in Prince Frederick either.

“I do not like how it looks from the outside. South Campus does not have many high-rise, extremely large buildings, and I think that Prince Frederick will overshadow all of the smaller dorms,” said Zemel. She added that Resident Life should have renovated the inside of Wicomico, Carroll and Caroline Halls instead of building a new one on North Hill.

“I hope I will be living in Anne Arundel Hall [next year],” said Zemel. “[It] is a great dorm because it is close to Hillel and also has air conditioning, carpeting and other facilities.”

Students will begin to request Prince Frederick Hall, among many of the other residence halls on campus, in March, Young said.

“Students will begin the process of selecting rooms in April. We will give details to students via email and on our web site and social media in February and more fully in March and April,” Young said.


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