By Amanda Eisenberg

Jamie Weissman had a clear idea in mind for a new magazine she wanted to start as a freshman. It took the journalism major one year to develop the concept of The Campus Trainer before springing right into action.

Samantha Medney/The Diamondback
Samantha Medney/The Diamondback

“My mom put it into my head that I could start my own publication,” Weissman said. “And over the summer, I went into organization mode to have it all together by the fall.”

The monthly magazine, which is now published online only, includes four sections: beauty, fitness, food and nutrition, and love and relationships. Weissman, a sophomore, hopes to have printed copies available for December. Her goal is to educate readers on different topics related to health aimed at a college-aged audience.

Weissman, 19, manages a staff of editors, photographers and writers and acts as the financial administrator. She worked with Student Government Association to receive funding and recognition as a campus publication and receives a monthly stipend for the magazine. Weissman is looking for a health-based department or program at the university to fund the magazine but said she’s “still working on it.”

The Plainview, N.Y., native spends some of her extra time writing for various publications and hanging out with her sisters in Sigma Delta Tau.

“I had a really rough first semester my freshmen year,” Weissman said. “Being in a sorority gave me a lot of confidence to come out of my shell.”

Weissman was recently elected as the health and wellness chair on the sorority’s general board. She sends out Google documents with group fitness information and a place where her sisters can sign up together, as well as organize de-stressing events for finals.

“She’s such a sweet girl and always down to talk or help with anything,” said Megan Landau, a sophomore communication major and one of Weissman’s sisters in the sorority.

Weissman’s involvement with her sorority doesn’t stop there; she’s interested in writing for its national magazine, The Torch Magazine, through freelance work or even an internship.

Magazines play a major part in Weissman’s life, dating back to the first time she opened up an issue of Teen Vogue. Her dream job mirrors that of doppelganger and editor Eva Chen, of Lucky magazine.

“She worked at a health magazine before becoming editor-in-chief,” said Weissman, who sees Chen as a role model.

“I want to live a happier version of The Devil Wears Prada,” Weissman said, laughing, before launching into the killer clothing of the fashion world and her longing for North West’s wardrobe. She particularly admires Alexander Wang’s design aesthetic.

“I wear all black and love leather jackets … leather jackets make everything cool,” she said.

Weissman’s uniform consists of leather boots, skinny jeans and chunky sweaters “even in the summer,” she joked.

Her sense of humor is “so unexpected,” said Corinne Langer, a sophomore enrolled in letters and sciences and one of Weissman’s sisters in the sorority. “But then you hear this sassy comment and you look around, and it’s Jamie. The sarcasm is amazing,” she added.

Weissman said that every time she tells someone that she aspires to join in the journalism world of the fashion elite, they ask why she bothers.

“It’s not just about wearing these shoes,” Weissman said. “It’s awesome.”


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