By Daniel Ofman, staff writer, @OfmanDaniel


As many get a head start on their summer tans visiting the beaches of Florida, Puerto Rico and California, relaxing during the day and partying at night, spring break up in Boston has a slightly different taste.

Boston has been in the news recently due to the record-breaking snow that has piled up on its streets. Many have taken the snow in stride using it as an opportunity to gain online popularity with the “Boston Blizzard Challenge.” Boston Mayor Marty Walsh didn’t like it as much as we did.

As the snow melts and the layers of frozen trash fall onto the surface of the slushy streets, spring seems like a distant reality. The weather is still frigid and snow is still in the forecast.

Despite the gloomy frost of winter and before the spring trees blossom every year St. Patrick’s Day allows Bostonians to warm up both literally (with the help of some locally brewed lager) and in spirit.

Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the main event of the day’s festivities. The parade takes place in South Boston (aka “Southie”) a historically Irish neighborhood. The sights and sounds at the event are usually a delight. Here’s a small sample of some of the people that came to celebrate this year:









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    1. Haha Katz I just saw this! Thanks bro!


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