By Alexa Silverberg, for the Mitzpeh, @mitzpeh

Taking camel selfies on McKeldin Mall at Israel Fest 2015. Dovid Fisher/Mitzpeh
Taking camel selfies on McKeldin Mall at Israel Fest 2015. Dovid Fisher/Mitzpeh

After interviewing my fellow University of Maryland students and asking what their opinions were on the upcoming event, Israel Fest, I noticed there were details regarding the event that most students did not know.

Here are 7 things most University of Maryland students do not know about Israel Fest.

  1. What it is.

Out of the dozens of people I harassed in passing at the McKeldin Mall and in my classes, about two of them had actually heard of Israel Fest. Of those two people, zero of them could give any description of what Israel Fest was.

Israel Fest is a fun and exciting annual event held at McKeldin Mall celebrating Israel. Israel Fest features educational booths, free food and fun events!

  1. When it is.

Israel Fest is this Tuesday, April 19th.

  1. You do not have to be Jewish to attend.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come to the mall to celebrate and enjoy the food, games, and entertainment Israel Fest offers.

  1. They have a camel

Yes, a camel. I’m assuming camels are not so easy to get, so if nothing else, come for the camel.

Did I mention you can ride the camel?

You’re welcome.

  1. There is hummus

Our favorite chickpea based spread will be featured at Israel fest – and its free. In addition to hummus, falafel.

  1. Why they do it

The Jewish Student Union (JSU) organizes this event to close Israel Week. Israel Week is a full week featuring events that everyone is welcome to attend. These events include Israeli fashion bloggers speaking about the history of Israeli fashion, Israeli movies such as “A Borrowed Identity” and much more.

  1. It is fun!

Israel Fest takes over the mall with beautiful flags, bouncy houses, delicious food and entertainment. It is a fun way to celebrate culture and unity, regardless of your personal religious beliefs.


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