Editor’s note: The following letter in in response to an article from 1988 that was posted in our “From the Archives” section. The writer covered a lecture by Mordechai Levy, in which Levy called for protest against anti-Semitism.

I just saw a bio-pic on Muhammad Anwar Saddat. Muslims and Jews believe in the same God. Farrakhan is not a Muslim. He lies on Islam. He is our common enemy. I pray Arabs and Israelis learn to live in peace. I believe in a one-state solution where there are strong protections for the Jewish people (Greater Israel). You should not leave Israel. We all must learn to live with the fact that Israel is here to stay. I wish Jewish people would learn to live with the idea of a secular democracy in the Middle East that does not have first and second class citizens. Thank you for standing up to Farrakhan. I am a black American Muslim and I am ashamed for my people that they do not openly and quickly condemn this evil that is dying on the fringe of our community. Please keep up the good work. When we stand against evil, regardless of religion, we work for God. Thank you.

Gregory Abdur Rahman


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