By Rachel Kalusin
For the Mitzpeh

Senior nursing major Rebecca Mogil and senior communications major Rashel Maikhor created the event last semester. The 18-and-older club night, which took place at Decades nightclub, was created because the two wanted a place for the Jewish community at this university to enjoy a club environment.

Maikhor said last semester’s event was such a success (with almost 200 people) that the pair decided to hold the event again this semester.

“This semester was no letdown. We went with a 1920s speakeasy theme to spice things up,” said Maikhor. “Everyone had an amazing time, and that’s all we wanted.”

The pair is looking for someone who may want to run the event next year, as they are both graduating next month.

“I think it can happen again if people have the initiative to want it to happen,” Maikhor said. “Who knows, maybe we will be known for years to come, or maybe this is leaving with us in three weeks. In the end, we made this to have fun in the craziness that is school.”

Ilan Goldstein, a sophomore physiology and neurobiology major, hopes someone decides to organize J-Dated next year as well.

“I went this semester and last semester,” Goldstein said. “I think it’s a really nice way to get to know members of the Jewish community on campus, in a fun setting. I especially enjoyed doing it somewhere other than a College Park bar.”

Jonathan Reizes, a senior government and politics major, said he also enjoyed J-Dated. He usually goes to College Park bars, and was very excited to do something out of the ordinary.  

“The event was really fun. This was my first time going and exploring the D.C. night life,” Reizes said. “Decades was a very unique and classy bar/club and a huge upgrade from bars on Route 1 in College Park.”

Students dance and mingle at J-Dated in D.C. nightclub Decades April 27. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Reizes.
Students dance and mingle at J-Dated in D.C. nightclub Decades April 27. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Reizes.

Thursday Boots Company helped sponsor the event, and in return, Mogil and Maikhor advertised their products during the night out. After paying the entry fee, guests were entered in a raffle to win a free pair of Thursday boots. The company also offered this opportunity at the first J-Dated. This semester, there was free Thursday Boots Co. “swag,” like hats and sunglasses, at the club.

There was a bar tab in the beginning of the night, and drink specials included mixed drinks and beers between $4 and $6, which were available to all guests over 21.

“The entire night was great,” Reizes said. “People were dancing and having fun the whole night, rarely were people standing or sitting down.”


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