By Abby Wallisch
For the Mitzpeh

Mezumenet, the all-female Jewish a cappella group on campus, finished off the semester with its spring concert May 7. The group showcased songs like “That’s What Makes a Jewish Girl,” a parody of One Direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful,” and a medley of feminism-related songs like “Respect” by Aretha Franklin and “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera. There was also a medley of One Direction’s “Drag Me Down” and Nick Jonas’ “Chains.” 

Mezumenet was founded about nine years ago and focuses on a mix of music, from traditional Jewish songs, to Israeli pop music, to current popular hits to their very own parodies.

Mezumenet is Hebrew for the feminine “you are welcome” and also refers to the prayer which Jewish women recite before the after-meal blessing, according to the group’s Facebook page.

Freshman public policy major and Mezumenet singer Gabriella Epstein has always had love for singing and explained that it has gotten her through a lot of hard times, so joining Mezumenet was a perfect fit for her. She was so happy that the performance turned out well today and was excited to perform with the rest of the group .

“I had so much fun at the performance today,” said Epstein. “I think it went really well and we had a pretty good turnout.”

The “Mez family” said goodbye to its only senior, Natalie Batchelor who is studying elementary education. Members gave Batchelor a bouquet of flowers, a necklace and a wooden M that showcased pictures of her and other members.

After the performance, group members celebrate the final concert. Abby Wallisch/Mitzpeh.
After the performance, group members celebrate the final concert. Photo courtesy of Jocie Broth.

Natalia Jaffee, a junior environmental science and policy and environmental economics major, is currently abroad and video chatted Batchelor at the end of the performance while another member read out a letter Jaffee had sent in for Batchelor. Batchelor ended the performance with her last solo, performing “Warrior” by Demi Lovato.

While the other members of Mezumenet were sad to see their senior go, they are hopeful for what next year holds. President Jocie Broth, a sophomore communications major, is looking forward to the group recording its third CD after recording “Mezmerized” and “Mezzin’ Around.”

In addition to working on funding for their newest album, members are excited to have received support from the Student Government Association.

“We were able to use SGA funding to have a sound technician record live videos,” said Broth. “I think we sounded great with the professional mics.”

Junior sociology major Lauren Bernardo decided to attend the concert after seeing the event on Facebook. Although she had never heard of Mezumenet, she was grateful she went. “I’ve never been to an a cappella concert like this before,” Bernardo said. “I’m not Jewish, so it was a new experience for me.”

Bernardo said she loved hearing the parodies, but said she wished Mezumenet performed more songs. Epstein echoed these wishes, saying “It would be nice to have a longer setlist and wider range of soloists.”

Broth and Epstein both shared goals they have for the next semester and were eager to work towards continually improving their group. “Sometimes we are concentrating so hard on hitting the right notes that we forget to smile and look like we are enjoying ourselves,” said Broth, “which, I assure you, we are.”

CORRECTIONS: A previous version of this article misnamed a parody song as “That’s What Makes You Jewtiful.” The parody is called “That’s What Makes a Jewish Girl.” Additionally, Jocie Broth is a communications major, not a communications and public relations double major. The photo is courtesy of Jocie Broth.

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  1. This article leads me to question whether or not the writer was actually present, given that of the three songs listed at the beginning, not a single one is accurately titled (something that could have been easily fixed by looking at the program), and one is listed as being “Drag Me Down,” when it was in fact a mashup of that and Chains, by Nick Jonas, known as “Drag Me In Chains,” while the one listed as “Chanukah Makes You Jewtiful” is actually “That’s What Makes a Jewish Girl.” Natalia video-chatted in midway through the second half, not at the end, and the failure to identify who read her letter only reinforces the idea that the writer did not attend. On a different note, where did the photo come from? Since the writer was pretty clearly not at the concert, I doubt she was actually the one to take that photo.


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