By Christian Spencer
For Mitzpeh

The Jewish Student Union held a movie premiere-style semi-formal complete with a red carpet to strut down Thursday night in the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center. Thrown purely for the sake of celebration, students came together to dance the night away.

An estimated 50 students, most of whom were Jewish, attended the formal. Many of them wore business-casual attire like suit jackets and shortcut dresses. However, some wore more revealing and party-appropriate clothes.

“Come dressed to impress, no date required!,” JSU said via Facebook.

Thursday Boot Company helped to co-sponsor JSU’s Semi-Formal on Thursday night at The Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center. The company had a table set up with hats, stickers, and cup holders for guests to have. Jasmine Boyd/Mitzpeh.

Originally from Savannah, Georgia, JSU President Josh Goldstein has experience in creating parties and events, having thrown a pool party, a “bar night”, and a charity called “Pump A Heart, Save A Heart 5k.”

“This is one of our biggest events for the fall semester. It is a cultural event, [so] we try to get as many people as possible,” said Goldstein. “As the Jewish Student Union, one of the largest cultural student groups on campus, our mission is to basically hold events for Jews and non-Jews to come together.”

Many Jewish students, including Kedma President Aaron Yitzhaky, have attended JSU semi-formals in the past.

Guests at JSU’s Semi-Formal Red Carpet Premier Night danced all night to the music provided by the DJ at the event. Jasmine Boyd/Mitzpeh.

“Out of my four years, I think it is by far the best bring out [the semi-formal] has ever had,” Yitzhaky said. “I think this event triggers a sense of community… [as the event] does not necessarily have to be Jewish.”

Admission to the event ranged from $8.50 for one ticket to $16 for two online through a link provided by Hillel. Tickets were also available at the door for $10.

The event is primarily funded through this university’s Student Government Association, but a corporate sponsor called Thursday Boot Company, a boot manufacturer based in New York, also provided monetary assistance.

The DJ at JSU’s Semi-Formal played a variety of songs from different genres for guests to enjoy. Songs such as BBHMM by Rihanna and even High School Musical’s “Breaking Free” were played during the event. Jasmine Boyd/Mitzpeh.

According to JSU, the event was planned one semester prior and was organized by separate committees within the club.

The student organization released a semi-formal video promotion in homage to Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ).

The ballroom at the alumni center was turned into a dance floor as students danced to pop and club music, provided by JSU’s own DJ Max.

Attendees came dressed to impress at JSU’s Semi-Formal Red Carpet Premier Night. There was a cash drink bar, candy bar, photo booth, and DJ with fun music for guests to enjoy. Jasmine Boyd/Mitzpeh.

The room was amber red with glowing white lights from the electrical LED disco balls. The snack table provided candy and popcorn. The bars served drinks ranging from $1 to $5 depending on whether attendees 21 and older wanted a beer or mixed drink.

“It has been a good time, just hanging with friends and people I know,” said junior marketing major Avi Schneider. “I think JSU tries to do this every year to have everyone hang out together [and as] a break from academics.”


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