By Yakira Cohen
Features editor

After last month’s Mitzpeh Matchmaker participants were nowhere to be found nearly two hours after their scheduled date time, junior computer engineering major Nadiv Panitch and senior neurobiology and physiology major Kelly Pavel decided to break the record during this Monday’s edition. “Lost” in engaging conversation and “finding” each other through shared passions, the pair of friendly faces became… friends?… atop wooden Dunkin’ stools for a total of two hours and 15 minutes. Their connection only faltered when Cobi Rosenberg, a sophomore neurobiology and physiology major and Panitch’s ex-roommate, spotted his friend and came in to say hi. According to the duo, upon learning he had stumbled into a future marriage, Rosenberg was “awkward,” “started ranting, ‘I don’t want to ruin your date’” and left. Mitzpeh does not yet have an official policy on polygamous relationships, but we appreciate the seriousness with which Rosenberg handled this encounter.

Panitch (front) and Pavel pose for a selfie after their over two-hour long date. Photo courtesy of Nadiv Panitch.

What inspired you to sign up?
Nadiv: I was bored one day, and I messaged Jacob Nelson and I say, ‘yo, what are the odds we sign up for the Mitzpeh Matchmaker?’ He said, ‘odds are, if we say the same number, I do it, if we say different numbers, you have to do it’ … we said different numbers. Turned out, he had already signed up and he was just messing with me.
Kelly: Uri and I really did it for shtick. We signed up together.

Describe the initial meeting.
N: I was standing in line, and I was pondering what I wanted … I was kind of just like, staring at the menu, and I had no idea what I was going to go for, and she walked in and was like… ‘pondering what you want … to order?’
*Nadiv dictated Kelly asking her the question stated in a spooky voice*
K: I walked in. Was like ‘ok I was right.’ And I walked up to him and was like ‘you contemplating your order?’
*Kelly recounted her question in a very normal tone of voice*

What did your date’s order say about their personality?
N: The first thing she said to me was, ‘It’s good I brought my Lactaid pills for my order because I know what I want.’ And so she ordered a hot chocolate … She’s well planned out. She knew what she wanted and she got it.
*;)* – Yakira’s inference
K: He struggled to order. He really did. He asked for like a black coffee, and they’re like ‘with what’, and he’s like ‘I don’t know, I don’t drink coffee,’ so maybe he’s not so confident in his decision making abilities and his knowledge of coffee, which means he’s probably productive because he doesn’t usually drink coffee, so probably like he has good time management skills and sleep.

How would you rate your date, on a scale of current Hillel building to new Hillel building?
N: I would rate it the Armory. Much closer to the new building, but like, not all the way there. But definitely far from the old building.
K: Definitely closer to new Hillel building. Lot of effort needs to be put in … that’s something they have in common.

Who wears the pants?
N: Hmm … I want to say myself, but everyone always says themselves.
K: Me. A hundred percent.

Do you think you will go out again?
N: I really enjoyed hanging out with her, and would definitely be open to hanging out again.
K: I definitely would hang out with him. He told me a lot of shticky stuff about his apartment, I definitely want to check in on that.
*Note: This is the second time this semester Mitzpeh Matchmaker has specifically asked participants if they will “go out” again, and participants have specifically answered they will “hang out” again.

Any advice for our readers?
N: Don’t play ‘odds are’ with Jacob Nelson.
K: Don’t be afraid to try something new and be open-minded.

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