By Matt Leviss

For Mitzpeh


Bagel Place is now closed after being in business for 35 years. Photo by Bagel Place

Adorning the window and website of College Park’s Bagel Place is a sign that reads: “Closed Permanently. We thank you for your support for over 35 years!”

Located at the corner of College Avenue and Route 1, its prime location made Bagel Place a staple of College Park. But now, negotiations to renew the lease have ended, and the beloved bagel shop is closing its doors.

“After three years of negotiations on our next lease, all negotiations are now over. It is our best decision not to renew and shut down immediately. We are extremely sad that nothing more can be done, and we have tried,” Bobby and Debbie Karanovich, the owners of Bagel Place, wrote in a public letter.

The couple said they had multiple plans to sell the business and keep the name alive, but the Karanovichs are done owning the store.

“We did find two great buyers with approvals from our brokerage company with only the landlord’s approval to stand in between. Both buyers were denied,” they wrote in the letter.

Students at the University of Maryland were devastated to hear that the store was closing.

“I was shocked when I saw Bagel Place was gone.” Bennett Bobrin, a sophomore kinesiology major, said, “I had always made it a routine of mine to go there on Sunday mornings. As an out of stater, it was always hard for me to find a good bagel at school, but Bagel Place really stood up against the rest. I’m so sad to see them leave.”

Students who keep kosher were also devastated by the store’s closing. “Bagel Place had some Kosher-style offerings. It’s hard finding options like that in College Park, but it was always a great place I could go to,” David Khabie, an undecided sophomore, said.

Harrison Keim, a junior finance major, said he used to bring potential students to Bagel Place.

“When I would show people from the New York, New Jersey area, I would always take them to the Bagel Place to show that College Park is a place they can feel comfortable and find reminders of home here. This town is really going to be missing that now,” Keim said.

Bagel Place was also involved in providing bagels to Greek life houses through the Gill Grilling Company. Former Chef John of the Zeta Beta Tau house told the members that he was likely going to now buy supermarket bagels out of his personal budget, while they were eating dinner.

The Karanovichs are hopeful that shutting down will help bring the business back, and are willing to share their knowledge of bagels to keep the name Bagel Place going.

“Closing may cause more community support to put pressure on the landlord to keep Bagel Place,” they wrote in the letter.

They said they will not own Bagel Place anymore but will assist and teach whoever buys the business. Until then, the beloved landmark sits vacant waiting for something new to come in, or the old favorite to make a return to Route 1.


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