Finals season got you down? Grab a Bagel!

Though the DMV area is not particularly known for its selection of good bagels, some Jewish students at this university have still found bagel places that they’ll keep going back to again and again.

By Sydney Klapman

For Mitzpeh


Bagels, a food item often associated with Eastern European Jewish culture, are an international brunch-time staple. After the Bagel Place on Route 1 closed last semester, students have been searching for a new favorite spot to grab a good bagel. Here are the top 5 bagel places Jewish students recommend.

Call your Mother 

Call Your Mother Deli, which has multiple locations throughout Maryland and D.C., pairs its unique bagel sandwiches with vibrant, Instagram-worthy decor. This is one of many bagel places in the DMV that students at this university love. (Daryl Perry/Mitzpeh).

Call your Mother is a “Jew-ish” deli with seven locations around Washington, D.C. and Maryland. Their first location opened in 2018 in Park View, D.C. Their website describes them as a place for “playful, nostalgic, comfort food” with bold flavors. 

Their deli features a bright, fun and colorful aesthetic to accompany their beloved bagels. 

“Eating their bagels is an experience, not just a meal,” said Gabi Block, a junior hearing and speech sciences major. 

She recommends the Royal Palm bagel, which includes cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber, tomato, red onion and caper on an everything bagel. She also recommends the Sun City bagel, which contains eggs, bacon or pastrami, American and cheddar cheeses and spicy honey on an everything bagel.

Bethesda Bagels 

Bethesda Bagels has expanded from their original location in Bethesda to other Maryland suburbs as well. They are known for their tasty and aesthetically-pleasing rainbow bagels. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

With five locations across the DMV, Bethesda Bagels has expanded far beyond its namesake town. Their menu includes mini bagels and rainbow bagels, making them unique. Bethesda Bagels’ owners, the Fleishmann family, say that their store was born from a lack of good bagels in the DMV.

“They make a mean roast beef and avocado bagel, it’s really tasty,” said Ashleigh Taylor, a junior information sciences major. 

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery 

Brooklyn Bakery and Deli, located in Arlington, VA brings New-York style bagels to the DC area. They kettle-boil their bagels, which is a technique not many bagel places use. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Brooklyn Bagels is a family-owned “bagelry” in Arlington, VA that specializes in New York Bagels.

Moe Houdaigui, one of the owners, says that their bagels are different from other bagels in the district because they kettle-boil their bagels, which many shops do not anymore. 

“Being from New Jersey, it’s hard to find that classic New Jersey, New York bagel and I feel like they have executed it the best,” Dani Warren said, a junior psychology major. 

Goldberg’s NY Bagels 

Goldberg’s New York Bagels is a staple for bagel lovers in the DMV area. This kosher New York-style bagel place has two locations in Maryland: Rockville and Silver Spring.

According to their website, they bake their famous everything bagels all day long, so there’s always a fresh one for customers when they arrive.

“I grew up going to Goldberg’s, it feels very nostalgic to me every time I walk in,” said Sara Berman, a junior kinesiology major.

Bagels ‘N Grinds 

Bagel ‘n Grinds, located right off campus, is convenient for many students looking to get a quick breakfast before class or brunch on the weekends. After the Bagel Place closed, this became the main eatery to get bagels on campus. (Daryl Perry/Mitzpeh)

Located underneath The Hotel, just steps away from the main part of campus, this bagel spot is super convenient for students.

Although not as popular as The Bagel Place was, it is what’s in walking distance for most students, so people go to it. Bagels ‘N Grinds sports a state-of-the-art water treatment facility to ensure their bagels have an enhanced texture and flavor.

Despite having so many local bagel places, many students still believe they can’t find a decent bagel nearby. 

“The chances of me having a decent bagel in this town died when the Bagel Place did,” said senior public health major Emily Weis. 

Depending on your loyalties, these five places may not be adequate replacements for The Bagel Place. However, they’re all solid places to check out.


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