Garfunkel became the vice president of Kedma this semester, which puts him on track to become president next semester.

By Samantha Ebner 

Staff Writer


Kedma’s new Vice President Uri Garfunkel hopes to make the organization more welcoming to the entire Jewish community on campus. He beat out three other candidates to win the position. (Photo courtesy of Kedma).

Kedma, the Orthodox Jewish group associated with the Hillel on campus, held elections for a new vice president midyear, which sparked more competition than the initial race. There were four people in the running and ultimately, Uri Garfunkel took the victory.

Garfunkel is a junior majoring in information systems and finance. He is originally from Fair Lawn, NJ.

“I ran for board to turn more focus towards building Kedma into an open and welcoming community for Jewish students from all different religious and social backgrounds,” Garfunkel said. “I think collaborating with other Jewish student groups and organizations on campus and jointly hosting fun events instead of events with a stated emphasis of forced togetherness is important,” said Garfunkel.

Uri was inspired by how people in the community regularly step up to assume unofficial leadership positions, such as hosting Shabbat meals or leading Tuesday Night Torah (TNT), a weekly Kedma learning event. He ran for vice president to be more involved in the active community present on campus.

“I really like that our community isn’t only led by people in formal leadership positions, but each and every person in the community steps up,” Garfunkel said.

Seeing how involved people are encouraged him to pursue this role. With this platform, he hopes to give members a way to advance the community.

“One thing I know we will be able to accomplish quickly is starting to host town halls,” said Garfunkel. “Anyone can come talk to board members about anything they would like to discuss, suggest, or otherwise regarding the Kedma community.”

Current Kedma president Deena Karger admires his proactive and town-oriented goals.

“I am really excited for Uri to join the board as he is eager to learn and help the Kedma community as soon as he can,” said Karger. “His idea to have a community town hall or forum really shows his dedication and care for our community,” said Karger.

Garfunkel began his role after spring break, which he entered in full force. He will become president next semester.


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