Senior business major Zoe Barth and junior journalism major Josh Axelrod embarked on a date on April 11, here’s how it went down.


Where did you go? Who got there first? 

Josh: We met at Yogiberry. She got there like a minute before I did, so when I got there, I just looked into the window and I stared at her for a couple seconds because I knew what she was supposed to be wearing and I was like ‘yeah. OK.’ And I went in and we started talking.

Zoe: I got there first, about a minute early.

How did introductions go?

Josh: It just started with ‘what’s your major?’ ‘where are you from?’ stuff like that, so nothing too intense. 

Zoe: Introductions went pretty well, friendly in nature. I recognized him from the description he gave me, and he was looking around for someone, so that made it kind of obvious. I had never met him before, so it was a legitimate blind date. It was good.

What was the starting point of the conversation?

Josh: I think my first question to her was, ‘how’d you get roped into this?’ She said it was something she just wanted to do before she graduated.

Zoe: He asked me who roped you into this, how’d you get into this, and I told him I told myself I would do it before I graduate, and I graduate in May, so this was my last shot to do it. I know some people who have done it; some of them had fun experiences, some of them had awkward experiences, so I thought I’d see what would happen to me.

What did you guys have in common?

Josh: We had a little discussion about “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” we also talked about “Pitch Perfect,” lots of pop culture things in common. 

Zoe: I’ve actually never dated someone more conservative than I am, so that is something that’s interesting about me. I am modern orthodox and he’s reform, and he told me that he’s the kid who eats bread on Passover. I guess it was a little out of my comfort zone in that respect, but I mean, I have friends who are more like that and it isn’t uncomfortable at all. The fact that he was open and honest about it is totally fine. I’m not going to judge him for it.

We liked a lot of the same books and movies and Broadway shows. I’ve lived in New York and grew up going to Broadway shows, and he said that was his mom, who works in journalism, does a lot of theater stuff so she can go to a show sometimes and she writes about it, so I thought that was pretty cool.

What did you order?

Josh: I distinctly remember her getting more than me. I thought that was kind of funny, froyo-wise

Zoe: I got froyo. 

Did the conversation flow smoothly?

Josh: I think for the most part it flowed smoothly. I didn’t really check my phone for like an hour or so. I don’t want to say time flew, but it was pretty engaging, I thought it was a nice conversation, if nothing else.

 Zoe: I made new friends this year and this semester, but nothing too crazy or out of my comfort zone, so I guess this date was something more out of my comfort zone and I didn’t really know what to expect.

What did you find interesting about him/her?

Josh: When she was excited, it was very obvious because you could just see her eyes light up when the conversation turned to something she was really happy to talk about. I remember we were just talking normally and I think I mentioned that I had just seen “Book of Mormon” and then her voice and her eyes just perked up and I was like ‘oh! So that’s what gets her excited.’ I thought that was a cool visual tick. I felt like I was doing something right. Also, she’s a business major herself, so it was definitely out of the box for me. 

Zoe: Josh comes from a family of journalists and wants to continue that and I thought it was interesting that as a journalism student he’s had an opportunity to interview some famous people over the past few years. I don’t have very many friends who are very interested in writing and journalism, so I think that was really cool.

What were some of the topics of conversation?

Josh: We talked about our movie, TV stuff, we talked about how intense we were when it came to Judaism; she’s much more intense than me. We talked about her future because she’s a graduating senior, so she already has a job lined up. If I can remember, she was a finance and business double major, and all I can think of was ‘must be nice,’ for, you know, having a future. Yeah, she told me she’s like the busiest person in the world and I believe her. 

Zoe: “Pitch Perfect.,” he seems to really like it. A friend recently, my roommate, actually, has been telling me I have to watch it, it’s such a great movie, it’s fun. It was one of those guilty pleasure kinds of movies for me. It’s one of those movies I’m embarrassed to say that I like but it was really fun.

Also, we both really like the same book, “Perks of Being a Wallflower.” And I thought that was really interesting because he’s a journalism major, so he’s had a lot of opportunities to interview some famous people in the last five years or so, and he actually interviewed the author of the book, which I thought was really cool.

How would you rate the date on a scale of 1-10?

Josh: I mean, I think it was just a nice, friendly conversation, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but there’s no spark or anything. Yeah, I mean, I enjoyed myself, I hope she did.

I’d call it like a 7.5. It was a solid date, I can’t complain. 

Zoe: Maybe like a 7, 7.5, it was more like a friend thing with small talk and chatting, and it wasn’t so much like a date. 

How did the end of the date go?

Josh: We walked to Washington Quad. It was just a beautiful day, so I suggested we should take a walk, and she was like ‘let’s go sit on the quad.’”

We just like stood in the middle of it, every single Jew we passed, she recognized. I mean, I saw a couple people I know, but neither of them are Jewish. I could tell she was very into the Jewish community, which I am not at all.

Zoe: Yeah, we kind of both had places to go, people to see, so we just kind of parted ways.

Any future plans together?

Josh: I think we both said that we had a good time, and if we ever saw each other again, we’d say hi. I don’t know, I didn’t really make much of an effort to get her number, she didn’t give it to me, you know, it was one of those things. It was a really good conversation, I don’t know, there just wasn’t really much there.

Zoe: Facebook friendship? We exchanged last names so we could friend each other on Facebook.


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