By Leo Traub

For junior major Ben Lichtbroun and freshman communications major Rani Howard, the anticipation in the air was palpable on the days leading up to their shared blind date on Tuesday, Nov. 12.  Here’s what happened that evening.

Ben Lichtbroun and Rani Howard
Ben Lichtbroun and Rani Howard

 Where did you go? Who got there first?

Ben: Starbucks by CVS.  I got there a few minutes before she did and was just talking with one of my friends that I bumped into until she got there.

Rani: The romantically dimmed lit Starbucks off of Knox road.

How did introductions go?

Ben: Rani and I knew each other for the most part so there wasn’t much of an introduction.

Rani: I was told to look for a person in a blue sweater.  However, when I got there the only person in a blue sweater was at a table with another girl.  Then he got up and called out, ”Beast!” (a nickname he and his friends had given me earlier in the year) and I knew he was the one.

Did the conversation flow smoothly?

Ben: The first 15 minutes or so went by with pure silence. I was kind of just lost in her beautiful green gaze.  After that it went smoothly… but the start was interesting.

Rani: Conversation flowed well… we were still talking two hours later.

What did you find interesting about him/her?

Ben: Rani plans to move to Israel after college and she wants to go into P.R.

Rani: Everything!  What could be more interesting than a Junior, pre-med, psych major who spent his last summer in India?

What were some of the topics of conversation?

Ben: My football team #Harford #1seed was a big topic of conversation.  Rani is actually a huge football fan.  That then led the conversation to how she’s a gold medalist in the Pan-American judo championship, which I thought was awesome.  In reality, none of those conversations ever happened but we talked about our career plans, families, and feelings about a range of topics.

Rani: Beer pong, modern art, school, laundry, cooking, SPORTS, how he doesn’t actually know any freshman.

How would you rate the date on a scale of 1-10?

Ben: Hands down 10.  I’m glad I got to know Rani; she’s extremely chill.

Rani: A ten, but only because he paid for my drink.

Any future plans together?

Ben: Since the date Rani and I have been inseparable. She comes with me to all of my classes and even joined my football team #Harford #1seed.  In terms of our future together, the wedding is in April, the l’chaim details to follow. 🙂

Rani: We’re going to move to Ethiopia or Africa and start up a medical practice there.  He’ll be the doctor and I’ll do the P.R.


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