By Carlos Rodriguez

The recently built apartment complex The Domain is near campus’ Hillel, and has so far added a non-kosher Subway, and a kosher frozen yogurt place Tutti Frutti, with two businesses currently under construction.

Sam Medney/The Mitzpeh
Sam Medney/The Mitzpeh

The Domain is an apartment complex that brands itself as a “luxury apartment community,” with the amenities to match, according to their website,

Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, hardwood flooring, a fitness center, and a pool, are a few of the things that set The Domain apart from other similar apartment complexes around campus, like The View and The Varsity. With a high sticker price, it can be seen why this option is not so attractive to the average student, with the cheapest room starting at a bit over $1,000.

Tutti Frutti is a frozen yogurt store that serves flavors from vanilla to tiramisu. All of its food is certified Kosher, according to their website Subway, on the other hand, is mainly non-kosher. They do not require their foods to adhere to kosher standards, according             to their website

Caleb Koffler, a junior Jewish Studies Major, said that some Jews eat there but many do not. The most conservative practicing Jews do not, because of their stringent adherence to the kosher diet, said Koffler.

“Most of the either Orthodox Jewish or traditionally observant people won’t eat there because it’s not Kosher,” says Koffler.

This is not very evident to Subway worker Aman Endalla, a 25-year-old College Park resident. Endalla said he does not know much about whether or not Jews frequent Subway. The Subway itself has been open since last November.

David Kim, a junior computer science major at University of Maryland Baltimore County and employee at Tutti Frutti, said many people have come in to the yogurt shop asking whether or not the food is kosher. It was unclear whether or not these people were Jewish.

Like Subway, Tutti Frutti opened its doors in November of last year. Due to the winter season, business has been rather slow; however Kim said that business did pick up on the days it did not snow.

While Subway and Tutti Frutti currently are the only two businesses under The Domain, there are two new businesses being built under the Domain, a newsstand and a coffee shop, according to Kim.

The relative short distance from Hillel to The Domain is convenient for members of the Hillel community to grab a bite or go shopping, once other stores are open.

For people who follow a kosher diet, they may not frequent new restaurants and it won’t draw many people in, according to Koffler,“but it’s a good thing to get people to this side of campus.”


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