Naomi Lieberman and Zev Klein on their Mitzpeh Matchmaker date Oct. 22.
Naomi Lieberman and Zev Klein on their Mitzpeh Matchmaker date Oct. 22. Photo courtesy of Zev Klein.

Describe how you were feeling before the date.
Z: I was super excited and a little nervous. Originally, we were going to meet for a tango lesson, which made me pretty panicky. I practiced dancing in my room with the help of YouTube and a broom. Luckily, the dancing didn’t work out in the end.
N: I was really excited and nervous beforehand. I had no idea what to expect coming into the date. But more than anything else, I was extremely curious as to who my date would be and whether or not I would know him.

Where did you go? Who got there first?
Z: We pulled a classic first date move and met at Starbucks. I wanted to get there a little early, but Naomi beat me to it. It’s clear who the punctual one is in this relationship.
N: I got [to Starbucks] first because my class got out fifteen minutes early that evening, so I walked straight from class to the date. I waited at a table, constantly looking around trying to spot my date.

What was your first impression?
Z: From the second I laid eyes on Naomi, I knew she was energetic, upbeat and motivated. I was proven correct through our various conversations.
N: My first impression of Zev was that he was quite personable and easy to talk to. I was also curious as to who he was because I did not recognize him.

What did you both have in common?
Z: Right off the bat, she ordered the drink I commonly get, a Java Chip Frappuccino. I was shocked. If that doesn’t scream bashert, I don’t know what does. Other than our similar mature palates, we are both interested in business.
N: We both like the same type of Starbucks drink. But aside from that, we both like to meet new people and make friends.

What did you find the most interesting about your date?
Z: She is into computer code. Over the summer, in her free time, she read books on writing code. She’s also my first friend from Boston. Interesting.
N: He was in the IDF for a couple years before coming to college, so it was interesting to hear about his service in Israel. He also has lived in Pittsburgh, Dallas, Israel, and now Maryland, so that is pretty neat.

Were there any awkward moments?
Z: Other than asking her if she was waiting for me to be her blind date … no.
N: There were no awkward moments that stand out. Conversation flowed quite easily. We tried playing some Jewish geography too, but it was somewhat difficult because he is from Dallas, and I am from Boston and our paths never really overlapped.

Any future plans?
Z: Grandchildren.
N: I am sure we will see each other again. I already saw him in Hillel the next day, and we ate dinner together. Now that we’re engaged and all [editor’s note: this is a joke], we just have to arrange for him to meet the family.

Rate the date from 1-10 and explain why you gave it that number.
Z: I would give it a 9. It was definitely awesome, fun and nice to meet somebody new, but only hakadosh baruch hu [aka God] gets a 10/10.
N: I would give it a 9 because it went really well and was near perfect. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet Zev. I mean who knew he was going to propose at the end?


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