By Ron Grodzinsky

The RSPS (Red Sea Pedestrian Society), the University of Maryland Hillel Flag Football team, opens their season this year with new philosphy, and high hopes.

After a difficult season last year, zero wins and four defeats, captain Richie Glass expects good things this year.

“We are going to in with a new and winning attitude,” he said.

This year’s team features newcomers six foot four, 230 pound freshman Danny Frank, sophomores Dave Becker and Steve Kornblitt, and junior Howard Levine.

Returning from last season will be Akiva Cohen, Maer Fishman, Richie Glass, Scott Morrel, and Aaron Weinrach.

The job will not be esay, but with teamwork and dedication this year’s team could surprise some people. “The year we are going to be competitive and win some games,” Glass added.

The chairman for Hillel’s RSPS sports program, Robert Carson is trying to instill a philosophy of particpation and enjoyment in his teams. “Our objective is to get as many people as possible from Hillel to participate,” he said.

In addition to flag football, Carson plans to field teams in tennis, table tennis, basketball, soccer, and badminton.


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