By Nicole Kirkner
Copy editor

A new app created in February by two students at this university will help users capture daily memories in a digital journal directly on their smartphones.

Line A Day is a journaling app co-created by sophomore letters and sciences student Benjamin Taragin and senior computer science major Yoshi Fujimoto.  Taragin was inspired to create the app during his yearlong trip to Israel after his senior year of high school. The Silver Spring, Maryland native said that he wanted an easier way to organize his pictures and memories from his study abroad trip to Yeshivat Orayta in Jerusalem.

Taragin said he began keeping a regular paper journal on the trip, but became bored with the limited capabilities and wanted a place to put his pictures, videos and journal entries all together.

“Each day, I was either learning something valuable, visiting an interesting place or meeting someone cool and wanted to record and remember all of it,” Taragin said. “With my app, Line A Day, users can add text, pictures, locations and voice recordings to each day, allowing them to fully capture the moment.”

Journal entry screenshot from Line a Day app.
Journal entry screenshot from Line a Day app.
Screenshot from Line a Day app.
Screenshot from Line a Day app.
Calendar screenshot from Line a Day app.
Calendar screenshot from Line a Day app.

However, Line A Day is not only for personal journal entry. Users can share their profiles with different friends and family to update them on what they are doing.

A user can also create multiple journals, which Taragin said is useful for parents with multiple children who want to save different memories from their children to look back on.

Taragin did not stop at coming up with the idea for the app; he wanted to see the plan through and teamed up with Fujimoto to make it possible. Fujimoto, with his background in computer science and software development, wrote some of the code for the app and Taragin designed the concepts. They also hired an app developer whomt Targain discovered through the company Venture Storm to work with them on the vision in February.  Business professors and mentors from the Dingman Center For Entrepreneurship advised them through the process.

The app first launched in March of this year and Taragin is excited for people to test it out.

“The app is really interesting. I find myself documenting little things and going back to it days later,” said Christina Willingham, a junior biology major at Towson University. “I find myself remembering so much more about my day.”

She said in the future she would like to see the app updated to include a feature that would allow for the ability to highlight and change fonts in order to emphasize certain memories after recording them.

Jasmine Trumbull, a junior biology major at this university said she feels the app is useful for people on the go.

“Your phone is something you always have on you and what most people take all of their pictures with,” Trumbull said. “It’s super convenient that you can journal anywhere and anytime without needing to print anything.”

An online reviewer on the Apple app store said “This app has been helping me keep track of every day in my military service.”

Taragin said the best part about Line A Day is that just by using it for just a few minutes everyday, your memories will last forever.

“Not only is it a good habit, but writing down highlights and good moments is beneficial for your mental health,” he said.


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