By Nicole Kirkner
Copy editor

The results are in for the spring 2017 Kedma board, and unlike some elections, the popular vote always decides who will take control over the Orthodox Jewish group of this university.

Over 200 Kedma members cast votes between Dec. 3 and Dec. 6 that determined the new board that will take control next semester, according to this semester’s Kedma president Tova Rosenthal.

The incoming president following Rosenthal is Amitai Samuels, a senior marketing major, who served as vice president this semester. He is the only board member who was not elected this semester to his position as president, as it is tradition for the vice president to rise and serve as president the semester following their vice presidential tenure.

Filling his shoes as vice president is Aaron Yitzhaky, a senior kinesiology major, who ran his campaign on strengthening the Kedma community and “stressing inclusivity of all religious branches.” Yitzhaky said the campaigning process was some of the most fun he has had this semester. He also said that his friends, along with his campaign manager, Michael Frohlinger, a junior biology major, contributed to his campaign’s success and created a positive atmosphere that surrounded the election.

“While my campaign process was enjoyable, I really think it was the student body that made this election process exciting,” Yitzhaky said. “A fellow friend, Ezra Roberts, was determined to create a cheerful and light atmosphere around the elections.”

Yitzhaky, who will serve as vice president in the spring semester of this year and president in the fall 2017 semester, said that he was excited when he heard the results and can’t wait to make an impact on the Kedma community.

“I’m ecstatic that I will be able to represent the community, and not only listen to what people have to say, but work hard to create the change people want in the community,” he said. “I really think this semester’s board will be great at coming together and working efficiently for the community.”

Jannah Laserson, a junior marketing major, and Sara-Leah Thompson, a sophomore studio art major, will continue to hold their current positions next semester. Laserson will return to the executive board as treasurer, who is responsible for event funding and coordinating with this university’s SGA. Thompson will return as Shabbat chair, a position in charge of organizing and running Shabbat for Kedma.

Other elected members of next semester’s board include: Isaac Soltz, a freshman computer science major and education chair; Elisha Galler, a sophomore engineering major and social chair; Gavriel Epstein, a freshman computer engineering major and technical chair; Lydia Sonenklar, a junior hearing and speech sciences major and chesed chair; and Chad Simon, a freshman bioengineering major and fundraising chair.

Simon stressed in his campaign the importance of representing and strengthening the community, and putting to action the desires of Kedma members.

“I am running for fundraising committee chair because I can bolster the unity of the community through fundraising events and increase Kedma’s activity funds, [which will create] more opportunities for Kedma events,” he said in his campaign application.

Rosenthal said the new board will take effect Friday after maariv, which is a Jewish prayer service held during the evening or night. The community will have an opportunity to welcome the members of the new executive board and bid farewell to this semester’s board members who are stepping down: Gwynne Gershenson, Sara Linder, Amos Remer, David Stein, Yael Magid, and Rosenthal.

“I wish the new board the best of luck and I’m sure that with the passion and skill of each board member, they’ll do a great job,” said Rosenthal, a junior psychology major.


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