By Yakira Cohen
Features editor

Veronica Leifer and Ethan Jach bonded over their dairy delights. Veronica Leifer/Mitzpeh.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…blind dates! Sophomore psychology and biology major Veronica Leifer and freshman engineering major Ethan Jach met up at the Dairy for their Mitzpeh Matchmaker date on Nov. 19. They were told to locate each other by displaying a sign containing their favorite ice-cream-related pickup line. Neither complied. Here is their story:

What inspired you to sign up?
Veronica: Free ice cream and a new friend? Who wouldn’t want that? And Kira Cohen’s peer pressure.
Ethan: I honestly don’t remember. It was a long time ago, I think it was an email or something, and I was like why not, it could be fun.

What did your friends think when you told them you were going on a blind date?
V: People were like oh my God…who is it? And I was like I don’t know, that’s the point.
E: Sounds fun, let me know how it goes.

What did your date’s order say about their personality?
V: He got vanilla, and I said ‘you don’t want anything on that’? And he was like ‘I’m pretty bland’ or ‘basic’…he’s not a complicated guy, let’s just say that.
E: Not much, I think she just got vanilla.
V after I told her that E said she just got vanilla: Are you kidding me?! I got the most complicated flavor! I wanted something with Oreos, but they didn’t have, and then I got Terpspresso, because it was like espresso, and has Oreo, and they didn’t have cookie dough! I asked for Oreo AND cookie dough; they didn’t have either! He thought I got vanilla?! It was BROWN!

What did you talk about?
V: He likes to cook. I have a kitchen. Compatible!
E: We talked about our experiences at Hillel and Kedma.

What surprised you?
V: He said he spends a lot of time in Hillel, and I also do, so I was surprised I never met him or seen him before.
E: We went on the same Israel program.

How would you rate your date, on a scale of one to Beyoncé and Jay-Z?
V: Somewhere like average blind first date? Honestly, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, no one can reach that level, even married couples, so that’s a silly scale.
E: I would say a 7. I don’t think it was like amazing, but it was definitely better than average…so I think 7s like a nice number.

Do you think you will go out again?
V: If Mitzpeh will pay for it, I’m there.
E: I’m not sure. I really don’t know.

Is there anything else you’d like the world to know about your date?
V: Just that people should give it a shot..sometimes it’s nice to take some time and sit and get ice cream with a stranger and get to know them. Everyone should go on a Mitzpeh Matchmaker date. Best decision I ever made!
E: I’m not too thrilled about being in the article.
When asked if E read the instructions, which clearly indicated that this date would become an article: I did not actually.


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