Mitzpeh Matchmaker
Hannah Warshawsky and Sam Koralnik at their date at Coldstone in College Park. Photo Courtesy of Hannah Warshawsky

By Savannah Williams
Copy editor

There’s probably not a more pleasant surprise than to see a friend when you least expect it. Such was the case for Hannah Warshawsky, a junior animal science major who works at the farm and likes to play intramural soccer and flag football, and president of the Terps for Israel club Sam Koralnik, a junior political science major who interns at START. The pair enjoyed ice cream and conversation at Cold Stone Creamery on Oct.30.

Have you ever gone on a blind date before?

Hannah: No.

Sam: No.

What did you expect, going in?

H: I was worried it would be a awkward stranger, and we’d just sit there staring at each other in silence, or that I would ramble for an hour.

S: It was either going to be really good or really bad. Here’s the thing – it’s a nice date, or its really bad and you have a great story, or it’s in the middle.

What was your first impression, when you saw who your date was?

H: We had actually already met, because we both took a gap year in Israel. I met him on a random weekend and it was like “you’re going to Maryland? That’s so cool!” We actually talked this last weekend, and it didn’t come up that we were both going on a blind date.

S: Me and Hannah have known each other for a while. I’ve known her since Freshman year, and she’s great, I love her to death. It was like “yes! I’m with Hannah!” Only good things to report.

What did you talk about?

H: We talked about mutual friends, and classes, and Sam likes to swing dance, so I asked him “how is swing dancing?”

S: A lot of things. Family, school, life. I didn’t get to ask her who she was voting for, though, which was sad. But yeah, we covered the whole gambit of things.

What do you think is the most important question you can ask on a first date? Are there any deal-breaking answers to that question?

H: On an ice cream date, the question is “chocolate or vanilla,” and there is definitely a correct answer: chocolate. He answered pretty acceptably.

S: Most important question would be – I didn’t ask this, I should have asked it – is “how many kids do you want?” Right? Because how are you gonna know if you’re compatible? What if I want 15 kids, and she only wants a dog? That’s a huge deal breaker for me. Or what if it’s the opposite. What, am I going to wake up one day, and my future wife went and got artificially inseminated – and I just wanted a dog, and she’s like “I want 15 children.” I should have asked that question.

What kind of ice cream did you get?

H: Chocolate devotion. Easy choice.

S: I got the pecan thing, with the cake. It was good.

What are the chances you two go on a second date?

H: It was more like chilling than a date.

S: I’d say it really depends on a lot of things. I see Hannah all the time. We hang out. So what does a date really mean? Especially in college.

On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the best, how was the date?

H: In terms of a date, I don’t know how I’d rank it, but in terms of having a good time, I’d say a 10. I’d be interested to see what he says. I told him I would say nice things about him.

S: Very pleasant. This was a great experience. I had a phenomenal conversation with Hannah Warshawsky, a great person, for an hour and a half. Yeah.


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