February was certainly a month of love for some. On Feb. 7, David Kravitz, a junior computer science major, and Amanda Schwartz, a freshman English major, embarked on an oddly familiar blind date at Yogiberry.

Who got there first?

David: She got there first, but she ran there. We met in the elevator in Commons 5, but obviously we didn’t know we were each other’s blind dates yet.
Amanda: It’s a funny story actually. I was cooking in Commons 5 and saw David in the elevator, I said hi because I knew him from Hillel. It was like five minutes until our date so I sprinted to Yogiberry, and a few minutes later I saw him walk in. It was busy, so I didn’t really think much of it. Then he walked over to me and said “What’s up, I’m on a date.” I asked if it was for The Mitzpeh, when he said yes, I pointed at myself and said “Me too.”


How did introductions go?

David: We already knew each other, so we skipped introductions.
Amanda: Fairly awkward because we know each other already. We didn’t even have to say our names.

What was the starting point of the conversation?

David: After we got over how funny it was that we got set up on a blind date and had been in the elevator together beforehand, we got our food and then started talking about what classes we’re each taking this semester.
Amanda: I asked his major, and asked how his comedy show went the other night.

What did you guys have in common?

David: We both love skiing and blind dates.
Amanda: We both got delicious frozen yogurt. We both like to write, but we didn’t have much else in common. Well, we’re both out-of-state. He’s from Texas; I’m from New Jersey.

What did you order?

David: I ordered everything with Oreos in it. That’s like two things. We steered away from this topic.
Amanda: Vanilla and cake batter. He got Oreo stuff.

Did the conversation flow smoothly?

David: Conversation flowed pretty smoothly. I kept getting distracted by seeing people I know in Yogiberry. She was perfect.
Amanda: Yeah, fairly smoothly. We were there for like 45 minutes, just talking about school and work. I told him that I was really busy this week. It was pretty easy going.

What did you find interesting about him/her?

David: I didn’t know Amanda was an English major; as a poet I always find that interesting.
Amanda: He has a very interesting comedy style. I’ve never been to one of his shows, but I know some of my friends went to one. You don’t meet a comedian every day, so that’s interesting. He’s into creative writing, but he’s currently a computer science major. It was an interesting dichotomy to have in a person.

What were some of the topics of conversation?

David: We talked about classes, why we chose our majors, and what we each did over winter break. We also talked about my comedy and the creative writing she did back in high school.
Amanda: We discussed not living in Worcester and campus life. We spoke about where we come from. What he loves about Texas, what I love about New Jersey. Fairly polite conversation. Nothing too heavy.

Any highlights?

David: I can’t highlight individual parts of the highlight of my day. That’s insanity.
Amanda: He told me not to be an English major because I didn’t understand a reference that he made to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” I guess that’s a book. I need to put it on my reading list now.

How would you rate the date on a scale of 1-5?

David: I’d rate the date a 4.5. It would’ve been a perfect 5, but she wouldn’t let me pay for her frozen yogurt.
Amanda: We prearranged to say 4.2. That’s the reference I didn’t understand from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide.”

How did the end of the date go?

David: We talked until we were the only ones left in Yogiberry. I walked her home. It was almost romantic.
Amanda: Good. We walked back in the cold to Anne Arundel. He was the perfect gentleman.

Any future plans together?
David: I asked her out to a movie (“Skyfall”), but she turned me down. I can’t compete with homework, but apparently neither can Bond.
Amanda: He asked me out to see “Skyfall” at Stamp. I was too busy with work, but it was nice of him to offer. I’m sure I’ll see him around Hillel, but I think we’re just going to stay friends.


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