By Amanda Eisenberg 

Carly Smith, a junior secondary education in history major from Severna Park, Md., went on a blind date with senior David Daniel, an electrical engineering major from Philadelphia. I only told them where and when to meet, along with their first names to avoid Facebook stalking and the usual pre-date jitters. Check out how it went:

Mitzpeh Matchmaker

Where did you go? Who got there first? 

Carly: We agreed to meet by the Testudo statue in Stamp, and I got there first. I was sitting down on the couches and this guy sits down next to me. He started scrolling through his emails and I thought it was awkward if my phone would ring. So I walked toward Testudo.

David: It was a little weird at first. So I figured we would meet by the turtle but I didn’t want to awkwardly stand around. I saw this girl sitting on the couches and sat next to her. Then she got up and walked toward the turtle. I walked up to her and said, ‘Wow I just sat next to you and didn’t even know.’

How did introductions go?

David: We went to Stamp. We got coffee and sat down for a bit and talked. There were loud noises in the Baltimore Room—there was a band playing. It was hard to talk, so I asked her if she wanted to go bowling.

Why bowling?

David: I wanted to engage her more and not necessarily talk the whole time. Play a game and get competitive. Dating in college is a little different, and I feel like no one really does the actual dating part anymore. It’s kind of fun, building up to something. We hung out for three hours.

What did you guys have in common?

Carly: We’ve both been to France. We both really like the chocolate croissants in France.

David: We both liked bowling, but that’s not a good example. We both travel a lot. She’s been to a lot of places in Europe.

What did you find interesting about him/her?

Carly: He’s kosher. I didn’t really know what it meant. When I brought up bacon, he jokingly told me to stop because he can’t eat it. We talked about more like, ‘could you eat this? Could you eat that?’ He asked me if I had ever seen Frozen, and I told him I owned it and he could borrow it. Then I asked him to come over for dinner. My roommate and I were eating tacos, but he had black beans instead of the turkey meat.

David: She’s really big into teaching. She’s going to grad school for learning how to speak sign language. She’s very picky in what she eats. She only likes the blue and orange M&Ms. It makes no sense to me because they’re M&Ms and they all taste the same.

What were some of the topics of conversation?

Carly: Skittles came up a lot in our conversation. He pops them in his mouth all at once; I don’t mix the flavors and I eat them by color.

David: She doesn’t like the purple ones.

Any future plans together?

 Carly: He says he’s going to redeem himself in bowling so I don’t know.

David: I would hang out with her again.

How would you rate the date on a scale of 1-10?

Carly: 9. It was really fun. I kicked his butt in bowling. It was awesome. I thought he was going to kick my butt.

Davis: It was fun. She kicked my ass. By a lot. I said I was good, but not that day. I think that worked out in my favor. If I were super, super good, she would have felt intimidated. As a first date goes, it’s definitely an 8.


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