By Michele Amira, staff writer, @nicejewishswag


Although every day should be all about ahava (Hebrew for love), there is only one weekend ALL about ahava. So, what better time is there to go on a date than Valentine’s Day? Hailey Siller and Craig Wasserman went on their blind date the weekend of Valentine’s Day and tried out the new vegan spot just off campus, NuVegan Café, which features hipster décor, an Israeli couscous bar and the new trends in DC vegan soul food.

How important is it to date someone Jewish?

H: For me, dating someone Jewish is very important. I wouldn’t date someone who isn’t Jewish, since it’s such a part of who I am.”

C: I feel that dating someone Jewish is extremely important. It is an instrumental part of keeping the Jewish faith going and its values alive.

What did you first think when you saw your date?

C: I smiled when I first saw my date because I could tell that we both thinking the same thing, which was ‘you’re here for the date aren’t you?’ Hailey and I got along immediately for a variety of reasons, such as the fact that we are both majoring in kinesiology, both from Montgomery County and both really enjoy the Jewish life here at UMD.

H: We have met each other one time before, and I’m friends with his brother. I thought he was a very “nice Jewish boy” and I was happy to go on a date with him.

What did you and your date kibbitz (talk) about?

H: We talked about sports, Jewish life at UMD and our shared major, kinesiology.

C:My date and I ‘kibbitzed’ on a bunch of things, including what we’re doing at this random vegan place. We talked about summer plans, funny stories from school or our past — classic first meeting kind of stuff.

What did you think of NuVegan Café and vegan soul food?

C: “I got a avocado sandwich. It was pretty tasty. I would definitely recommend this sandwich, but honestly I would recommend anything with avocado on it. My date got this green drink that I’m pretty sure had kale, spinach and other stuff like that. I’m double majoring in kinesiology and dietetics (so I would usually be a huge proponent of eating green vegetables), but honestly her drink (which she graciously let me have some of) tasted pretty weird. I’m not running to go back to this place, but it’s a solid option to have if you like vegan food.”

H: “I’m a vegetarian. So, I really liked the restaurant and would go back there.”

How would you rate the date on a scale of 1-10, with 10 ranking the highest?

H:  I’m a senior and have been reading the Mitzpeh for four years and wanted to go on a adventure. I would give the date an 8. It was fun and I’m glad I went out.

C: I would rate my date a 8 out of 10. “I had an enjoyable time. Hailey was cool and a lot of fun to talk to.

Is there another date in the future?

C: “After our date I realize how busy the two of us are, so I doubt there will be a second date, but you never know…”

H: “No. As of know, there isn’t another date in the future. I’m super busy, but I’m sure we will see each other around.”


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