By Yakira Cohen
Features editor

On Sunday afternoon, senior special education major Danielle Galitzer walked into Dunkin’ sporting a hat and sunglasses. Following the instructions on a cryptic email she received last week, she sat down at a table and waited: half-blind from the getup and fully blind about the events that would follow. A posse of Galizter’s closest friends, already informed about her plan, followed her in and stood in line as casual observers. Finally, senior communications major Ben Yehuda revealed that he was her match, despite breaking the rules carefully detailed in the instructions by forgetting his hat and glasses. The pair “dunked in” to conversation over Dunkin’ coffee, resulting in what Yehuda says was a cool “networking opportunity.” However, Galitzer said her roommate is already excited to be her maid of honor.

Here’s what happened:

Galitzer and Yehuda “dunk-in” to conversation over Dunkin’ coffee. Danielle Galitzer/Mitzpeh.

Describe the initial meeting.

Danielle: Interesting. He was there and was like, ‘I forgot my sunglasses and hat, but I think we’re supposed to be hanging out right now.’ And like, ‘sure, okay, let’s do it.’ It was a funny initial greeting.
Ben: I was sitting outside Dunkin’ Donuts and I saw Danielle walk with the hat and glasses. And it immediately occurred to me that I forgot to get a hat and glasses … I walked over to her and told her that I forgot to bring the hat and glasses.

*Attention readers: he forgot the hat and glasses*

What did your date’s order say about their personality?

D: It was black coffee… I don’t know what black coffee says about a person … he’s a good guy?
B: It was a very standard order. It was just coffee with milk. I’d say it means that she’s a very normal and down-to-earth person to get a very normal and down-to-earth beverage.

How effective would you rate your date, on a scale of Hillel’s soda machine to Kedma’s new office hours?

*The Hillel soda machine was out of service last semester due to an ant infestation*
*Kedma, the Orthodox group on campus, has recently started holding office hours for students to discuss questions, suggestions and feedback with board members*

D: I’d say like pretty much the gumball machine. Just like there.
B: It’s probably closer to office hours … She didn’t have any ants.

*Note: Yehuda stated he has yet to attend office hours

Who wears the pants?
D: *whispers* I don’t know.
*after ten seconds of deep contemplation* Both?
B: We both do.
*Yakira gives herself a pat on the back for the match

What do you think your kids will be like?

D: Interested in interpersonal connections. Talkative. Energetic.
B: I think our kids will be a lot taller than we are. Like a whole lot taller, like almost seven feet tall. Neither of us are particularly tall, but you never know. We’re probably both carriers.

Do you think you will go out again?

D: *makes confused face* Never say never, but probably not.
B: Probably not, I like to meet a variety of people.

Any advice for our readers?

D: Apply, it’s fun!
B: Take any opportunity you can to talk to someone new that you haven’t spoken to in a while.

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