Photo provided by Yael Hamburger and Josh Ashkenazy.

By Grace Mottley
Features editor

Junior psychology major Josh Ashkenazy and freshman letters and sciences student Yael Hamburger met on Oct. 27 at the Stamp Student Union to grab a cup of coffee and chat. While both had almost no expectations for what their blind date would entail, both ended up happy with the results.

Was this your first blind date?

Josh: Yes, this was my first blind date.


What were you expecting going into the date?

J: I got what I expected in a way, it would be weird to find the person at first because you don’t know who they are and how to find them, and then it all just worked out well.

Y: I was expecting to make a new friendship. I didn’t really have that many expectations going into it.

How did you feel going into the date?

J: I was nervous for this. Normally I’m not nervous when I go on dates, but I was nervous for this.

Y:  I was nervous but just excited to make a new friendship.

What was your first impression of the other person?

J: My first thought was that she was a sophomore, and she had this cool vibe going and that she had her life together.

Y: I thought he was very outgoing. He was very interested in hearing about my interests.

What did you talk about?

J: We talked about dogs, and trips to different countries and just our interests.

Y: We talked about our interests, and we each picked two questions to ask the other. We ended up talking for like and hour and a half.

What two questions did you pick to ask the other?

J: I like to mix it up, so I asked her the craziest moment of her life that kind of defines her, and her most embarrassing moment. She actually didn’t end up answering the second one.

Y: I asked him if he could go anywhere in the world where would he go, and if he could improve one thing about his life what would it be. He said that he would want to go to Australia and then Ireland.

What did you have in common?

J: We both would spend a snow day in a similar way: drink hot chocolate and play board games or watch a movie with friends.

Y: We both like tennis and photography. We’ve both been to Israel, we have mutual friends and we both go to services on Friday nights.

How did you feel after the date?

J: I felt really good after, once I started talking to her there was no more nervousness.

Y: It was good. The flow of conversation was easy. I think we were both surprised
at how long we talked.

On a scale of one to 10, how would you rank your date?

J: 9- I had a really good time, she’s very easygoing and easy to talk to.

Y: 7- I had a really nice time and walked away feeling like I had a new friend.

What are the chances you would go out again?

J: I don’t know, I would probably have to think about it. I mean, why not?

Y: I would be fine with it. I don’t know what the expectations are, but we did talk about going to play tennis together, so there’s that.


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