Amitai Diament and Rikki Weingarten enjoy coffees outside Dunkin’. Photo courtesy of Amitai Diament.

By Yakira Cohen

Tennis rivals Amitai Diament, a senior aerospace engineering major, and Rikki Weingarten, a junior computer science major, dabbled in a new type of “courting” this weekend: a Mitzpeh Matchmaker date. Exchanging their rackets for coffee in the cold, the duo spent over two hours on Sunday afternoon parked on a picnic bench outside Dunkin’ chatting, and in Weingarten’s case, giggling. The pair, whose relationship Weingarten previously described as simply “having mutual friends,” was instructed to locate one another by crying out “Marco” and reciprocating with “Polo.” But after they found each other, did they find love?

Read their interview and decide for yourself:

What inspired you to sign up for Mitzpeh Matchmaker?
A: I talked to Kira Cohen and I thought I should contribute something to the Mitzpeh … Also, now that people in my apartment are dating, there’s pressure on me to date as well
R: My roommate, Shevi, was kind of like, ‘You should do it.’

Describe the initial meeting.
A: I got there before her. I read this thing somewhere on the internet that if you come late to your first date, you don’t have a second date and you don’t end up getting married … whatever, she came a couple of minutes late. Then she was giggling for the first five minutes … there was a lot of giggling. I wasn’t giggling, though.
R: He was outside and I just laughed a lot, because I didn’t expect to know him. It was kinda funny. *Giggles*

What did your date’s order say about their personality?
A: It was pretty conservative …. I think she got normal coffee with skim milk. I’m not a big skim milk guy.
R: He went for the cold brew, which is a highly caffeinated, kind of plain-Jane drink *Giggles*, no cream or sugar … a little old school *Giggles*

How effective do you think your date was, on a scale of “rapid test” to “PCR”?
A: I got a rapid that took like two hours, and the date took like two hours, so maybe that’s more comparable
… How am I doing?
R: *Giggles* You said ‘CPR?’
*Yakira clarifies ‘PCR’*
*Giggles again* I was not expecting this question … closer to a rapid test, pretty good *Giggles again*

Would you say your partner is the “Marco” to your “Polo”? Or are you the “Marco” to his/her “Polo”?
A: I think I’d rather be the “Polo.” If you’re the “Marco,” it means you either lost the last game of Marco Polo and got tagged, or that you lost whatever game came before Marco Polo and had to be the Marco … I definitely want to be the “Polo.”
R: *Giggles* Um … well … *Giggles* *Giggles* What kind of question? *Giggles*  … I’m the Marco to his Polo … which is the better one to be? *Giggles* I’m the Polo to his Marco, that’s the better one, right? *Giggles*

What do you plan to get your date for Hanukkah?
A: She does have a lot of tennis balls … Maybe I would get her a unique color tennis ball, but I think they come in packs of three, so a can of some color tennis ball. Maybe blue for a Hanukkah theme, because everyone knows the Maccabis wore blue
R: *Giggles* Let me think…. *Giggles* … I would probably teach him programming as a gift, because he said he wanted to learn…  but I don’t know if that’s a gift. *Giggles*

Do you think you will go out again?
A: I think we might. Gotta think about it though.
R: I don’t know… probably not … *Giggles*

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